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    Numbers in an array

    I need to be able to count the number of occurrances of the numbers 1->9 in the array 'a' and output them in the form

    printf("\n %d occurrs : %d times\n",num,occurrances)

    What do i need to do with this code so it does this?

    int count_num(int a[], int range, int num)
    /* checks array a for number of occurrances of value */
       int i, count=0;
       for (i=0; i<range; i++)
    	 if (a[i] == num)
    		++count; /* it was found */

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    It seems to me that count_num() is a function counts how many times the number num occurs in the array a when the range is from 0 to range. The function returns the number of occurrances.

    Pass your array, the range and the number to search for to the function and store the return value in your variable occurrances.

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