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    Searching an octree


    I'm trying to devise a method for searching an octree in a particular way. To elaborate, I'm using the struct:-
    typedef struct TAGoctree {
    	unsigned long count;
    	int level;
    	struct TAGoctree *children[8];
    } node;
    Given generation of a tree of these structs 9 "levels" deep (0-8), and with only the structs at level 8 having a value for count, I want to find the struct that has the lowest of the counts, or the first one with the lowest. Could anyone give any clues?

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    Use standard depth-first search approach:

    if (current->level == 8)
      if (min > count)
       min = count;
       minstruct_id = current_struct_id; //whatever ~ pointer..just your id of struct with lowest value

    else //level != 8 => < 8
    &nbsp; for (i = 0; i < 8; i++)
    &nbsp;&nbsp; dummy_dfs(current->child[i]);

    Hope this helps ..
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