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    oh hi sorry, my code should say SEISMIC.DAT casn you change it in your version?

    here is a specimen set of inputs and the corresponding answer for you to try.

    no of measurements to use for short time power = 2 samples
    no of measurements to use for long time power = 5 samples
    the threshold value = 1.5

    the output should be similar to this

    no event at time 0.04
    event at time 0.05
    no event at time 0.06
    no event at time 0.07 and so on, thats just a sample. please test this if you don't mind. thanks for your help, your great!
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    Well with all your data and suggested input, running rub.c compiled with gcc/linux, I get
    Enter number of points for short-window:
    Enter number of points for long-window:
    Possible event at 0.120000 seconds
    Possible event at 0.140000 seconds
    Possible event at 0.280000 seconds
    Possible event at 0.300000 seconds
    Possible event at 0.320000 seconds
    Possible event at 0.340000 seconds
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