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    Help me

    Help me with these simple programs


    I was wondering if anyone can write a very simple program for me that prompts a user for his/her name (i.e. John Williams). The program should then print to the screen "Wow (Name entered), thats one cool name you have!"

    It is very simple and not big at all. It should use the gets() function.

    Also, can someone write a program that reads input into a 10-element string array (e.g. 9 or less characters). The program should then print the number of lowercase letters and the number of uppercase letters, if any.
    This program should also use the gets() function. I dont need any error checking for any of these. These should probably be no more than 1kb.

    Thanks to anyone who could write these simple programs. I just need something to use as a foundation to learn C. Thanks

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    > It is very simple and not big at all. It should use the gets()
    > function.

    "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

    Damn people! No homework without trying it yourself! How many times do I have to say it! Yes, it _IS A SIMPLE PROGRAM_ so do it! I cannot understand how people cannot even take the time to freeking TRY it on their own. What, do they think they're going to break their computer? If this is the case, why do are you even trying to program? You obviously don't want to _TRY_.

    If you aren't willing to even try it on your own, just freeking quit now, you don't have what it takes to be a programmer. Quit now. You are a failure.


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    Red face learn some c-programming!

    What stupid question!

    Read a book for c-programming, for example a new edition of Kerningham&Ritchies "The C program language" or so.
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    of course it is any easy program.....i can't really talk for this guy...i mean, i don't know if he even tried...for all i know he just asked the ppl on this board to do this homework for him...but for me...i do try it on my own...but i couldn't really post my code on here...because i have no idea what direction to go in and it didn't work at i just asked for advice for where to start...and then i completely didn't understand the code that was sent so ppl acted as if i was retarded...but in fact, i haven't gotten to any of that stuff that was in the code, so i had no idea what was going on....i even looked it up...that's just how this class has been going....she teaches us on how to use scanf and then the same day she gives us homework on doing we have to figure it out, i'm just talking for myself's not intelligence that is lacking on my part, just lack of guidance and teaching ability on my teacher's part...

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    post your code no matter how bad it is. if you wont show that you have worked on it then you will almost certainly get absolutely no help from people here.If we see your bad code,we can see where you are going wrong in your understanding of the language and try to help you out.The problem itself is almost psedocode for the answer. (Although i would never use gets() because fgets() is safer)
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