Thread: Encryption Algorithms

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    Encryption Algorithms

    I have been trying to create a new encrytion Algorithn based on the Pascal triangle numbers to encrypt my data and I have this problem in accessing and using my public keys in the 99th(it has 999 lines)line of the triangle in the array:

    int pascalbox[99][box]={1,99,...,99,1}

    it's part of the struct:

    struct keys {
    pascalkey(int y, int x);
    pascaldel(int y, int [][x]);
    }public, private, universal;

    they create a circunference if graphed with the rad[f|l]() function(defined by me)

    Any Math opinion or other is accepted, thanx!

    P.S: it peeks any of the number in the tringle and computes a bitwise operation with it that is defined by the last key it encrypted and XOR the passWd on it.
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    cant really understand what you are after but I can point out a problem with the code you posted.
    In straight c structures cannot have member functions. That makes your code c++. Now in c++ private and public are both keywords so you cannot have them as variable names.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    I will chang~

    I thin~ it will be better if a chnge the code to C++ and use classes

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    Huh, wha?

    Did you write that post in a hurry or what?

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