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    Unhappy Stuck

    Hey people.
    Trying to draw a mandlebrot set as a part of a lab session.
    Here is my code for mandelbrot.c so far...
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <mbrot.h>
    int main()
      double mandX, mandY;
      int test;
      Colour colour;
      int i=0, j=0;
      for (i; i<MBROT_MAX_SIZE; i++)
        for (j; j<MBROT_MAX_SIZE; j++)
          mandX = 2;
          mandY = 1;
          test = mSetTest(mandX, mandY);
          colour = mbrot_getColour(test);
          mbrot_drawPixel(i, j, colour);
        /* do nothing and wait for termination in console*/
    int mSetTest(double c_re, double c_im)
      double new_re = 0.0, new_im = 0.0, mod_z2 = 0.0;
      int iterations = 0.0;
      while (iterations < 200 && mod_z2 < 4)
        new_re = ((new_re * new_re) - (new_im * new_im)) + c_re;
        new_im = ((2 * new_re * new_im) + c_im);
        mod_z2 = ((new_re * new_re) + (new_im * new_im));
        if (iterations == 200 && mod_z2 < 4)
          iterations = 0.0;
      printf("Number of iterations:\t %d\n\n", iterations);
    basically when it runs i get a blank window and a repeating line saying Number of iterations :1.

    I know i have hard coded the values for mandX and mandY but surely something should get drawn?!

    does anyone know how to map mandlebrot sets to a pixel map?! coz i am lost COMPLETELY lost and this has to be done by 3 today!

    here is some additional info taken for the mbrot.h file...
    The library function, mbrot_getColour takes a value from mSetTest and returns a Colour. You can use this function in conjunction with mbrot_drawPixel to colour the whole set.
    You have to call mbrot_update in order for the effects to be seen.

    plz help me, all help appreciated, thanks....


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    mandX = 2;
    mandY = 1;

    mandX = i;
    mandY = j;
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