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    Question Macros with multiple lines

    Hi, I am currently a student in web development and have to do some c programming. I am having trouble with a homework problem and would appreciate any help.

    I have to write a program that defines and uses macro MINIMUM2 to determine the smallest of two numeric values. Input the values from the keyboard.

    What I have so far isn't working, I have the macro defined as:

    #define MINIMUM2( x, y ) ( if ( x < y )\
    small = x;\
    else if\
    X > y\
    small = y;\
    printf( "x and y are equal\n" ); )

    I get errors when trying to compile the program. My book says to put \ at the end of a line when the replacement text continues on the next line. But it isn't working.

    thanks for any help

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    #define MINIMUM2(x, y) ((x) < (y) ? (x) : (y))
    Then use it like this:
    small = MINIMUM2(x, y);
    Unless you're doing something completely different if x and y are equal, this solution is what you want. If you really, really want to use function-like macros that is.
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    Talking Thank you

    Thanks prelude, that worked alot better than what I had.

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