Thread: C program won't allow input

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    C program won't allow input

    When i run this code, it does not give me an option to enter in my weight. Instead it goes straight to printing the info i entered what did i do wrong?
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(){
    int age;
    float weight;
    char first[15], last[15]; /* 2 char arrays */
    printf("\nWhat is your first name?");
    scanf(" %s", first); /* no ampersand on char arrays */
    printf("what is your last name? ");
    scanf(" %s", last);
    printf("how old are you?");
    scanf(" %d", &age);
    printf("how much do you weigh? ");
    scanf(" %f", &weight); /*ampersand required*/
    printf("\nHere is the info you entered;\n");
    printf("name: %s %s\n", first, last);
    printf("weight: %d", age);
    return 0;

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    When you scanf() in a number, the newline character is left in the input buffer, meaning its the first thing to get read in next time.

    Two fixes:

    drop scanf()

    Flush the input buffer after you scanf() in a number:
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