Thread: Aligning strings display format

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    Aligning strings display format

    I know I can use the %20s to reserve 20spaces and print out the string from the left, but how can I do it to reseve the spaces and start filling from the right.
    This is how the output is looking
    Name                 Regular_Pay Overtime_Pay Gross_Pay  Tax_Deducted   Net_Pay
                       h      437.50         0.00    437.50        109.38    328.12
             Mayr Silver      480.00         0.00    480.00        120.00    360.00
           jennifer kahn      540.00       212.62    752.62        188.16    564.47
               jacjjg gg      500.00         0.00    500.00        125.00    375.00
    jjjjjj jnhroknr popo      400.00       450.00    850.00        212.50    637.50
    jjjjjj jnhroknr popf      400.00       450.00    850.00        212.50    637.50
    I'm using this to print:
    printf ("%20s %11.2f  %11.2f%10.2f %13.2f% 10.2f\n", name, reg_pay, overtm_pay, gross_pay, tax_deduct, net_pay);

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    You can left justify with %-20s.
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    I posted a program at the end of thread
    to display various formats. It will help you with this and other string formats
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