Thread: Opening files for use by multiple functions

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    Opening files for use by multiple functions

    where do I intialize a file so it can be viewed by more that one function in the same program?

    I tried putting

    FILE *in=fopen("C:\\cs10e\\input5.txt","r");
    above the main, but I get an illegal intiialization error, and if I put it twice, inside the two functions, it doesnt work properly (reading the data).

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    You can't do any work aside from simple initialization and declarations in the global namespace, try this instead:
    #include <stdio.h>
    static FILE *in;
    void f ( void )
      /* Blah blah with in */
    int main ( void )
      in = fopen ( "C:\\cs10e\\input5.txt", "r" );
      /* Blah blah with in */
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