Thread: What does the following means?

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    What does the following means?

    struct StaffRec
     char *fname;
     char *lname;
    typedef struct CDRec *StaffRecPtr;
    staff createStaff(char *fname, char *lname)
     Staff newStaff;
     newStaff = (StaffRecPtr)malloc(sizeof(struct StaffRec));
     ((StaffRecPtr)newStaff)->fname = fname;
     ((StaffRecPtr)newStaff)->lname = lname;
     return newStaff;
    The part on ((StaffRecPtr)newStaff)... Reason of using got to do with void pointer. Can anyone enlighten me? Heap tks....

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    First off, 'Staff' is never defined in your example, so I have no idea what type it is.
    Second, unless 'Staff' is a pointer itself, the typecast and malloc is grossly inaccurate.
    Third, you don't need to cast the return type for malloc. There is never any need to do so in C. If you get a warning about lack of a cast, you're comiling as C++ and not C.

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    Yes, Quzah is right. This code cannot be compiled with a c compiler but there's hope for it being compiled by a c++ compiler.

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