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    I myself dont start learning C/C++ until my third year at Uni. I am currently in my first year and begin java/html soon..(

    Anyway, i want to teach myself (if possible) so when the time comes i will know what's what.

    Can anyone recommend any good beginner books or even where to start?..Ie, is it best to learn C anymore, should i just start with C++ ?



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    I can be much easier to learn C++ after you learn C. I know this from experience, but you don't have to necessarily learn it first. If you wanted to learn C++ right away get the book from Deitl and Deitl, it's the best one out there for beginners, and has taught millions on the corporate level.

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    Java has much in common with C and C++. If you learn Java first it will be easier to learn C and C++ afterwards. And since you will learn java at your Uni this year anyway it might be best to just concentrate on Java this year and start learning C/C++ next year.

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    Thanks guys, i think i'll look into that book though..


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