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    sprintf values


    stuck on sprintf again....

    #define BUFFER_SIZE 2048
    void set_output_field(RecordOut * output, char * text, int field_number)
    char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];
          case CIRCUIT_LENGTH:
    printf("CIRCUIT_LENGTH [%s]\n", text);
    printf("CIRCUIT_LENGTH [%f]\n", atof(text));
             sprintf(buffer, "%019.3f", (int)(sizeof(output->circuit_length) - 1), atof(text));
    printf("CIRCUIT_LENGTH [%s]\n", buffer);

    /* OUTPUT */
    CIRCUIT_LENGTH [16.72]
    CIRCUIT_LENGTH [16.720000]
    CIRCUIT_LENGTH [000000000000000.000]

    the only undescribed item is circuit_length which is part of a structure

    #define  O_CIRCUIT_LENGTH_LEN  19
    typedef struct {
        char country  [O_COUNTRY_LEN];
        char circuit_length  [O_CIRCUIT_LENGTH_LEN];

    the quantity of characters output is fine, but I am blanking out the value somewhere,


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    >> sprintf(buffer, "%019.3f", (int)(sizeof(output->circuit_length) - 1), atof(text));

    Why do you have atof(text) in the argument list?
    sprintf( buffer, "%019.3f", (int)(sizeof(output->circuit_length) - 1) );

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    sprintf(buffer, "%019.3f", (int)(sizeof(output->circuit_length) - 1), atof(text));
    Why do you have two arguments for your statement here? Note the "%f", followed by an integer and a float. You only have one format specifier, but you have two following arguments.

    I'm surprised you're not getting a warning about that. Anyway, the integer fills the %f requirement, and the second is ignored.

    Ah, beat me to the punch. Anyway, you want one or the other. If you want an integer, don't use %f, use %d, or if you want a floating point number, typecast it to a float or double instead of an integer.

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    Well the number of args you pass to sprintf mis-match the number of conversions.
    If you're looking for a programmable fixed width, then perhaps

    sprintf(buffer, "%*.3f", (int)(sizeof(output->circuit_length) - 1), atof(text));
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    oh dear,

    I think I'll go back to cabbing

    text is the input value that I want to change, I put (int)(sizeof(output->circuit_length) to ensure that the right amount of space was being used, not realising that 19.3 would do that for me


    sprintf(buffer, "%019.3f", atof(text));
    is now fine

    CIRCUIT_LENGTH [16.72]
    CIRCUIT_LENGTH [16.720000]
    CIRCUIT_LENGTH [000000000000016.720]

    thank you all,

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