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    Searching structure piece

    I have an structure array containg information about students of a class. The Information was read from a file into the structures. I then display this information and ask the user to pick a student by entering their ID number, i then send the ID and the structure of students to a function and search the structure for that student and specifically display their information only. I have this .. a function that supposed to search and compare students ID with the user entered ID, and print out that students information.

    void find_applicant(struct school *student, char ID[10], int NumEmp)
    	int i;
    	for(i=0; i<NumEmp; i++)
    		if(strcmp(ID, student[i].appnum) = 0)
    			printf("%s\n", student[i].appnum);
    			printf("%s\n", student[i].fname);
    			printf("%s\n", student[i].lname);
    			printf("%10.0lf\n", studen[i].pnum);
    			printf("%s\n", student[i].email);
    			printf("%d\n", student[i].numskl);
    			printf("%d\n", student[i].year);
    			printf("%s\n", student[i].make);
    			printf("%s\n\n\n", student[i].mod);
    it keeps telling me "invalid lvalue assignment" for the line with strcmp. I don't understand the problem. Thanks for any help or advice given.

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    if(strcmp(ID, student[i].appnum) = 0)
    This is an (attempted) assignment.
    if(strcmp(ID, student[i].appnum) == 0)
    This is a comparison.

    printf("%10.0lf\n", studen[i].pnum);
    This is undefined behavior.
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