Thread: Setting OS Environment Variables

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    Setting OS Environment Variables

    putenv() sets the program environment variables. How do you set the OS environment variables? I want to be able to set an environment variable that will stay after the program ends.


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    What OS/compiler ?
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    16-bit DOS. I'm using the MARS 16 bit compiler.

    Your help is appreciated.


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    You could use 'system' with a SET command.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main ()
      int i;
      puts ("Trying to set environment variables");
      i = system ("SET BLASTER 220 5 1");
      if (i==-1) puts ("Error setting variables");
      else puts ("Environment variables set");
      return 0;

    nb: Code blatently stolen and changed to fit your question.
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    > i = system ("SET BLASTER 220 5 1");
    This creates a sub-process which gets an environment variable set for its very short existance and then all is lost again when the sub-process exits.

    It is possible to 'hack' the parent environment in real DOS (not any win32 console, nor any POSIX operating system), but as I recall, that involved some rather tricky assembler work.
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