Thread: passing by refrence isn't allowed in C?

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    It's very frustrating dealing with people who no longer understand the context of how these languages work.

    let me put it in terms you all can understand:

    If I want to tell someone where you live, I pass them your home by reference. I don't pass them your home. See?

    the term 'pass by reference' means 'refer to something by its address', not it's contents (value).


    If you are looking at 'pass by reference' based on some newfangled, incorrect definition created by the C++ generation, you are once again abstracting the truth.

    No wonder nobody can write software anymore. they understand so little about it they can't even communicate correctly with one another.


    I have found it almost impossible to get concepts across to you people, except for about 6 of you (Salem, Sebastiani, Hammer, etc.) You get stuck on idiosyncrasies of syntax, without any real understanding of what the processor is doing.

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    Take a deep breath. Count slowly to 10. Another deep breath. Ahhhh, feel better (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    I understand what you're sayehing, Sayeh. What I have learned (or tried to learn) to do is understand the terms in their actual context as you are attempting to explain, and also attempt to interpret what definition they are using. This gets quite confusing, especially when terms in the vernacular add alternate meaning. In the 1940's, it was OK to be gay, but it has a toally different meaning today, as well as exclaiming something is cool.

    Some of us actually follow what you are saying and agree. Others don't mind a little sloppiness in definition if their point is understood.

    Ah well, on with the posts!
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    Found an older post by Prelude on this pass-by-reference thing in C. Not sure how much weight his/her opinions have on this board, but he/she agrees (with me at least) on the matter that C does not support pass-by-reference.
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    The question has already been answered really. C simulates pass by reference by passing pointers by value. How you interpret that is up to you.
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    The keyword here is simulation. And according to this definition of simulation is that its not equilavent to the real thing.

    Anyway, I agree that this topic has gone far enough. As long as we all know how to use the syntax correctly, we shouldn't be overly concerned with definition details.

    Let's hope my post is the last in this topic.

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