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    An assignment problem

    Hi I've this string tokenizer assignment problem. I want to do this by myself but juz need some advise to get started.

    Given a header file with these function protoypes:
    typedef struct strTokenizerRec *stringTokenizer;
    stringTokenizer createStringTokenizer(char[], char);
    // pre: true,
    // post: return a stringTokenzier for char[] with char as delimiter
    int countTokens(stringTokenizer);
    int hasMoreTokens(stringTokenizer);
    char* nextToken(stringTokenizer*);
    void destroyStringTokenizer*);
    void displayLine(stringTokenzier strT);
    What is the use of createStringTokenizer()? My understandin is it required 2 arguments, 1 is an array and the other is a char and it return a stringTokenizer.

    My input would be something like XXX~XXX~XXX~ after readin from a file. Am I correct to say that the array is the XXX~XXX~XXX~? How abt the char? What would be the output of the stringTokenizer?

    Heap tks....
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    Well it appears before you can call nextToken(), you must create a stringTokenizer struct. So you take the array and delimiter, and return a stringTokenizer struct. So the first question is: what is contained within a stringTokenizer struct?

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