Thread: Can I successively read lines using fscanf?

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    Can I successively read lines using fscanf?

    Hello all,
    I am a newbie to C (and anything resembling complex programming), so please excuse my dumbness. Is it possible to read a line from a file using fscanf, and then the next time I call fscanf (without closing the file), read the second line? Ie, if my input file is something like
    200 300 50
    10 12 1

    I have been doing fscanf(fp_input,"%f %f %f", Re1, Re2, Re3);
    then doing some processing and checking of the data, and then;
    fscanf(fp_input, "%f %f %f", m1, m2, m3);

    But seem to be getting some stange results. Any help greatly appreciated...

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    The fscanf function only accepts pointer arguments so you will need to pass the address of a floating point variable.
    You can also check the return value of fscanf.
    if(fscanf(fp_input, "%f %f %f", &m1, &m2, &m3) != 3)
       /* handle error */

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    Thanks, I knew it should be something stupid. After staring at it for ages, the most simple solutions disappear on you. . .

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