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    Question function that modifies a string

    i have to write a small funtion that modifes a string by replacing every occurence of the letters foo by aaa. an example of the string is "food fool" and should become "aaad aaal". i've written this function and i just want to know if i got it right because i'm not that good when it comes to functions. thanks
    void censor(char s[])
       int i; 
       for(i=0; s[i]!='\0'; i++)
          if (s[i]=='f' && s[i+1]=='o' && s[i+2]=='o')
       return a; 

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    >i just want to know if i got it right
    Does it work? If it works with any test cases you come up with, you got it right.
    The information given in this message is known to work on FreeBSD 4.8 STABLE.
    *The above statement is false if I was too lazy to test it.*
    Please take note that I am not a technical writer, nor do I care to become one.
    If someone finds a mistake, gleaming error or typo, do me a favor...bite me.
    Don't assume that I'm ever entirely serious or entirely joking.

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