Thread: I am totally PuZZelEd

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    Red face I am totally PuZZelEd

    I am 100% puzzled about pointers....
    consider the following programme...

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <mem.h>
    int main(void)
    char *name;
    name=(char *)malloc(20);
    name="Puzzled Man";
    printf("The name is %s",name);

    free(name); //memory is free

    printf("the variable is %s",name);

    /* if there is no memory allocated for the pointer then where the value is coming from???*/

    return 0;

    Pls help me........

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    I've moved this to the 'C' board where it belongs

    > #include <mem.h>
    Malloc is declared in stdlib.h, unless you have a really old (and non-ANSI) compiler, which I would suggest you upgrade if this is the case

    > char *name;
    Good so far

    > name=(char *)malloc(20);
    OK, but you should remove the cast (which is hiding the fact that you haven't declared malloc properly)

    > name="Puzzled Man";
    Wrong - you've just lost the memory you've allocated.
    All you've done here is update the pointer (name), with the pointer to the start of your string constant.

    strcpy( name, "Puzzled Man" );
    Is the way to actually copy a string from one place to another.

    > printf("The name is %s",name);

    > free(name); //memory is free
    This should not have worked given your current code

    > printf("the variable is %s",name);
    This works anyway, because name is pointing directly at your string constant, not the malloc'ed memory.
    Even if you fix it (use strcpy), it might still work, but it would be illegal to do so - you can't refer to memory you've free'ed, because it could be re-used at any time.
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    Thanx a Lot!!!

    Thanx a lot!!!!
    I think i have found my problems i was far.
    No more Problems again!!!!

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