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    doubly linked lists

    Here is the problem. I am trying to create a doubly linked list using data that is read in from a .csv file(text file with values seperated by commas, i.e.

    I don't have any problem finding the file I want and opening it. I think my current problem exists when I am trying to read in data or create the linked list. If someone could either post an algorithm I could follow or find the problems in my code already, I would be much appreciative.

    //Header structure
    typedef struct
    struct Node *psHead;
    struct Node *psTail;
    int node_count;
    //Node structure
    typedef struct node_d
    char city[40];
    char state[2];
    char zipcode[5];
    double longitude;//double
    double latitude;//double
    long population;//long
    struct node_d *previous;
    struct node_d *next;
    int choice, file_choice, counter = 2, file_info, readfile, z=-1;
    char path_name[100], long_temp[25], lat_temp[25], pop_temp[25], city_temp[40];
    char state_temp[2], zipcode_temp[5];
    FILE *readfile;
    	Header *psList;
    	CSV *file_info;
    	Node *psnew, *pscurrent;
        char *DONE, line[100];
    	psnew = (Node*) malloc(sizeof(Node));
        pscurrent = (Node*) malloc(sizeof(Node));
    	psList = (Header*) malloc(sizeof(Header));
    	file_info = (CSV*) malloc(sizeof(CSV));
    	DONE = (char*)malloc(sizeof(char));
    	DONE[0] = 'c';
    	psList->node_count = 0;
    	psList->psHead = NULL;
    	psList->psTail = NULL;
    readfile = fopen(file_info[file_choice].name,"r");
    					if(readfile == NULL)
    					printf("\nfile could not be opened");
    while ( fgets(line,100,readfile) != NULL ) 
    							psnew = malloc(sizeof(struct node_d));
    							strcpy(psnew->city, strtok(line,","));
    							strcpy(psnew->state, strtok(NULL,","));
    							strcpy(psnew->zipcode, strtok(NULL,","));
    							strcpy(long_temp, strtok(NULL,","));
    							psnew->longitude = atof(long_temp);
    							strcpy(lat_temp, strtok(NULL,","));
    							psnew->latitude = atof(lat_temp);
    							strcpy(pop_temp, strtok(NULL,","));
                                psnew->population = atol(pop_temp);
                                psnew->previous = NULL;
                                psnew->next = NULL;
                                psnew->next = pscurrent;
    							psnew->previous = pscurrent->previous;
    							psnew->next->previous = psnew;
    							psnew->previous->next = psnew;

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    sorry there is supposed to be an
    int main(void)
    right before FILE *readfile;

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    Ideally you need to start splitting your code up, moving stuff out of main().

    There is some good help here for link lists:
    I'm not sure if it covers doubly-linked lists in detail, but once you get to grips with a single, converting it to a double is no problem

    >>char state[2];
    How many states are there that can be shortened to 1 character in length? Remember, a string array needs the room for a \0 terminator.

    >>psnew = (Node*) malloc(sizeof(Node));
    The cast isn't needed. Read here:

    Use spaces instead of tabs, or at least sort your tabs out before posting your code here. The forum doesn't display tabs too well, and your code indentation quickly looks a mess.

    >>strcpy(psnew->city, strtok(line,","));
    This is definatetly a no no. If strtok() returns NULL, where is strcpy() going to copy from?

    >>psnew->longitude = atof(long_temp);
    atof() isn't a very good way to convert to a float. Try strtod() instead, it'll be safer.
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    doesn't this statement
    while ( fgets(line,100,readfile) != NULL )
    prevent it from returning NULL?

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    No. strtok() is used to break down a string into sections. If there are no more "tokening characters", strtok() will return NULL.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main(void)
    	char a[] = "this:is:a:string";
    	char *p;
    	p = strtok(a, ":");
    	while (p)
    		printf ("%p >%s\n", (void*)p, p);
    		p = strtok(NULL, ":");
    	printf ("%p\n", (void*)p);
    0012FF70 >this
    0012FF75 >is
    0012FF78 >a
    0012FF7A >string
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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