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    Macintosh API

    Hi there,

    I posted a question about directory access on the Macintosh a while ago here , and was advised to use the Macintosh API. However, after an amount of research, I am unsure how to go about using it.

    I am presuming that the API is basically a collection of Macintosh-specific libraries, with associated references. Is this correct? If so, where could I get a copy of these? If not, what exactly is the API, and how would I be able to use it?

    Thanks a lot,
    Bill Johnson

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    First, get a compiler that is made for atleast 68K and PPC development (and whatever the new CPU that IBM made for Apple is).

    This API is called the Macintosh Toolbox. It is a precompiled library of routines, replete with all the necessary headers, necessary to talk to Apple's O/S.

    You can't really build applications on the Mac unless you go whole hog into the API. You leave the C standard libraries behind for most things.

    On the Mac, everything is handled by a manager. Memory, Files, Interapplication Communications, Threading, Drivers, Resources, Strings, and Graphics drawing (using QuickDraw). All have their own managers. And more.

    It is a very well organized O/S, and is truly designed. In fact, it is the best designed operating system in the industry today, and has been for years (apart of any other aspect of the Mac). That is not a put down to other O/Ses, it just has the longest history of having been thought out and designed. Any "X" O/S (linux, UNIX, etc.) is excellent as well, it just is a little less standardised in the naming convention for commands.

    Here's what you do. Go to Apple's site-- they have tons of developer information, and as usual it's usually free. Get in line with Apple's DTS (Developer Tech Support) and knowledgebase stuff.

    Now, for your own reference, after you've obtained a copy of a compiler (like Metrowerks CodeWarrior-- best compiler in the industry), you _MUST_ get yourself the series of "Inside Macintosh" books-- the bible on how to develop software on the Mac.

    Hope this helps you in the right direction.
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