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    Reading a text file

    I have previously posted a question about using code to access a file when the actual name of the file is unknown. the entire name of the text file is stored in a structure component at
    file_info[selection].name. I am confused how I should go about opening this file
    that portion of my code looks like this thus far.
                    FILE *readfile;
    	char temp;
    	temp = file_info[selection].name;
    	readfile = fopen(temp,"r");
    		if(readfile == NULL)
    		printf("\nfile could not be opened");
    		printf("\n file was opened");
    	return 0;
    Can anyone figure out why this won't work? I appreciate your help.

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    temp is just a single char. You want a complete string. Assuming that file_info[selection].name is an array or a pointer to a string you can just make temp a pointer and you'll be set:
    char *temp;
    Or you could avoid the temporary variable altogether by doing this:
    readfile = fopen(file_info[selection].name ,"r");
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    thanks for your help
    I realized my mistake as soon as I posted it.
    Sometimes I get lost when I stare at code for hours on end

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