Thread: Need help correcting problem with C program

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    Need help correcting problem with C program

    I finished my program, but it has an error at the last three lines. I want to repair those errors so I can compile and test the program. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. my program is as follows:

     #include <stdio.h>
    void main ( ) 
    int Month; 
    double Total = 0.0; 
    double total_interest = 0.0; 
    int Count=0; 
    int amount; 
    int withdrawal; 
    int total;
    float interest;
    printf("For how many months do you have savings account? \n");
     scanf("%d", & Month); 
    while (Count++<Month) 
    printf("Enter the amount deposited for Month %d: ", Count); 
    scanf("%f", & amount); 
    if ((amount%-1)==0); 
    printf("Amount should be subtracted from balance.");
     printf("Enter amount withdrawn from savings account? \n"); 
     scanf("%f", & amount);
     if ((withdrawal +=amount)&& (total-=amount)); 
     interest= total * 7.75 /12 ;
     (total_interest += interest);
     printf("The ending balance is %d , total");
     printf("Total amount of deposits %d , total"); 
     printf("Total amount of withdrawal %d, total");

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    printf("The ending balance is %d", total);

    Note position of quotes.

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    Please don't use void main(), it burns.
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    As already noted by XSquared use:
    int main()
        return 0;
    int amount;
    scanf("%f", &amount);

    What do you want? Integer or float?
    if ((withdrawal +=amount)&& (total-=amount)); 
     interest= total * 7.75 /12 ;
     (total_interest += interest);
    Why are you putting a semicolon right after the if-expression? And what about the following two lines? Do you want them or just the first line to be executed only if ((withdrawal +=amount)&& (total-=amount)) is true?
    And why are you putting brackets around (total_interest += interest)?

    if ((amount%-1)==0);
    And what is this supposed to do? Currently it does nothing, but Hammer already pointed that out in this thread of yours:
    And where is the sense in using %-1?

    You should empty stdin after each call to scanf to ensure that stdin is empty.
    You should check out this thread:
    Look at Prelude's posting.
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    >You should empty stdin after each call to scanf to ensure that stdin is empty.
    scanf is good for quick and dirty programs, but if you want good error checking and ease of maintenance/use then forgetting scanf exists would be a good idea. scanf has enough problems and inconsistencies with other input functions that using it causes more headaches than the slightly longer fgets/sscanf combination:
    char line[LINELEN];
    float amount;
    if (fgets(line, sizeof line, stdin) == NULL) {
    if (sscanf(line, "%f", &amount) != 1) {
    /* Use amount */
    Also note that exit(EXIT_FAILURE) should be read as "insert your error recovery code here".
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