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    Array help

    a) What is a prototype? What is the purpose of a prototype?

    b) What is a function? What are the benefits of using functions?

    c) Notice the use of #define at the beginning of the code? Why is this used? What other compiler directives are there?
    What is the difference between a compiler directive and a keyword?

    d) Why is it okay to substitute a character array (string) for a char *?

    e) The function "int asknumber(char *)" returns the number as opposed to taking it as an argument. Why couldn't we use
    use "void asknumber(char *, int)" ? Is there a way that we could return the integer using this format? (Hint: Why does
    this method work in " void ask(char *, char *)" ?

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    1) What is homework?
    2) Why are you posting homework on this board?
    3) Is this board meant for homework?
    4) Did you read the FAQ?
    5) Did you read the "READ THIS FIRST"?
    6) If you've got this far, and still posted this, should you expect much flaming and criticism from the regular posters here?
    7) Should you act surprised when you are flamed?
    8) Is this a flame?


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