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    Unhappy Makefile?


    i have limited experince with c++ and even less in UNIX,
    i was told to run some programs in UNIX, and that a Makefile is included for me.

    I have no idea what a Makefile is...?

    any help?


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    Hi, this is the c forum, would you not be better posting this on the c++ board
    hoping to be certified (programming in c)
    here's the news - I'm officially certified.

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    A make file is _NOT_ C++ specific.

    Simple, a "make file" executes a series of commands, when, oddly enough, you type "make".


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    a Makefile is actually a series of dependencies
    so if you have
    and another called printhelloworld.c which has a fn used oin helloworld.c

    to compile them both correctly and together you use a makefile

    dependencies are of the form

    helloword(executable) depends on both object files

    and both object files depend on both the c files

    so once you get the dependencies rite you will be able to just
    the whole program

    i wont explain the rest here you can look at a few makefiles on you Linux distribution

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