Thread: Can someone please explain strings to me?

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    stupid question : if older compilers didnt add the /0 at the end of string for you but the ne wones do what happens if in a new compiler you add the /0 will the compiler add another to the end of that or does it know ones already there?

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    Originally posted by lithium
    also never use:

    or functions similar to those. instead use:

    this will aviod buffer overflows (segmentation faults).
    @lithium: Please explain how you get a buffer overflow from using strcmp().

    For those that aren't aware, strncpy() isn't guaranteed to null terminate the array.
     * The error here is that use programmer expected 
     * strncpy() to make s equal BBBB\0 or BBBBB\0.  
     * See the results below to see what actually happens.
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
      char s[10] = "aaaaaaaa";
      strncpy(s, "BBBBBBBB", 5);
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    Originally posted by Thantos
    Considering that a good number of students are using a Borland compiler from the 1980s I'd say that there is a good chance.
    Ah, why should I have assumed that *everyone* would be using the latest version of gcc? (kidding, but yeah I was not thinking of that at all)

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