Thread: Passing data/pointers between functions

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    Passing data/pointers between functions

    I have just started working with functions. I am trying to clarify how to pass data between these functions without declaring global variables. I am also trying to discover how to pass file pointers between functions.


    The code I attached below opnes 3 files. If I wanted to open these 3 files in a separte function (say will call it "open_files).

    In the stock_report function, I want to call the open files function. How do I pass the file pointer into the stock_report function so that I can use the open_files function?

    This progam has 2 input files but I could not figure out how to attach more than 1 file to this post.

    Thanks again as always,

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    I have a great function you can use to open file! It's called, conveniently enough, "fopen()"! It works wonders. Alternately, at a bit more low level, you could just call "open"...

    How to pass a file pointer:

    void myfun( FILE *fp )
    { stuff...

    Called like:

    myfun( myFilePointer );

    How to return a file pointer:

    FILE *myfun( ...something or nothing... )
    { stuff...

    Called like:

    fp = myfun( ...something or nothing... );

    What's not to know?


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