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    Array memory map

    Just some clarification if you wouldn't mind.

    If I allocated an array like so:

    char MyBuffer[127][256];

    Would I get a guaranteed contiguous buffer of 32512 bytes (127*256), or would some implementations of C only guarantee 256 bytes in one contiguous chunk?

    Or, in other words, is the above equivalent to:

    char MyBuffer[32512];

    Apart from the way you access it?

    I want to clear the entire array to zeros without using a for loop to do each element. If the entire array is guaranteed to be contiguous, then I can just call ZeroMemory once instead of 127 times.

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    It will never be equal to a 32512 array as char ** is not a char * and it never will be. I don't see a problem with looping, no matter how you choose to zero it (high level) it will turn out to be a loop in the compiled code.

    Arrays of all kinds are contiguous (by definition).

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    Thanks for the clarification.

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