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    tell me explanation of subprogams (function?) ? What it is, etc.

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    A function is a group of commands (executed in sequence because you'd never use 'goto', right?).

    It has to have four parts:

    1) a return type
    2) a name
    3) a parameter list
    4) a pair of { } containing said commands


    void myfunction( void ) { puts("This is my function."); }

    The return type is "void", meaning it actually doesn't return any values.
    The name is "myfunction".
    The parameter list is "( void )".
    ... more on this: you always have a ( ), but the items inside the ()
    ... may vary as you like
    The body of the function contains:
    { puts("THis is my function."); }

    The body of a function starts with the first { and ends with the corresponding }. This means that everything inside here belongs to this function and is processed by the call of this function.

    To use this particular function, you'd just do:

    myfunction( );


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