Thread: need network card's adress

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    Question need network card's adress

    Hy all.

    I have a huge problem. I need the NIC's adress and I don't know where to find it.
    I am using Windows XP Profesional and Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.
    I've looked everywere, books, articles, web pages, and I can't find it.
    I need to make a program in wich I need to send and recieve packages via the network card. And the most chalanging part is that I can't use any network protocols.

    Can anybody help me out?
    Thank you.
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    You'd get more help in the Windows forum.

    However, here's the answer:

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    Though you get address from IVT, it is hard for you as you said you cannot use protocols. Then you have to define your own protocol of communication. I think own protocol is very hard to do and compatability wise i am in doubt.

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