Thread: Question... do/while loop

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    Question... do/while loop

    I'm trying to make a loop that would only stop after a user has inputted a positive number, and would loop if a negative num or a char were typed in.

    printf ("Enter a Decimal number: ");
    scanf ("%d", &a);  
    	if (a > 0){
    		i = 1; /*'i' is sort of my 
    switch, changing its value breaks out of the loop*/
    		printf ("Invalid Decimal number \n");
    }while (i == 0); /*if anyone can suggest a 
    better way of doing this, I'd appreciate it... */
    It seems to work fine on negative numbers, the user can try again, but it loops infinitely when put in a character...scan doesn't seem to work twice...

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    well two things, a char when read as an int is always positive, so if you put a char you program would exit, and you need to make flush the output, I would do this at the end of the loop
    while(getchar() != '\n')

    or I think this would work

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    The trick I use with chars and ints is always:
    if((integer=atoi(chararray)) == 0)
        printf("user entered a string or 0\n");
    As you can see, if zero is also a possible true or necessary value, this would not work ... . Otherwise it works fine. The user can also enter a string with white-spaces, like
    "I am very stupid"
    The programm'd recognize this and prints out the error ... .

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