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    referencing structure variables

    I am trying to make sure I got the referencing of structures, especially nested structure variables understood. Please look over the following declared structures and let me know if my answer to a - f questions are on target or not. Thanks.

    Given the following:

    struct point { int x, y;};

    struct shape {

    int shape_kind; /* RECTANGLE or CIRCLE */
    struct point center; /* coordinates of center */
    union {
    struct {
    int length, width;
    } rectangle;
    struct {
    int radius;
    } circle;
    } u;
    } s;

    Which of the following are legal AND safe?
    Which are legal though maybe unsafe?
    Which are illegal ?

    (a) s.shape_kind = RECTANGLE /* legal and safe */
    (b) = 10; /* legal and safe */
    (c) s.length = 25; /* not legal */
    should be :
    s.u.rectangle.length = 25;
    (d) s.u.rectangle.width = 8; /* legal and safe */
    (e) = 5; /* legal but maybe not safe */
    (f) s.u.radius = 5; /* not legal */
    should be : = 5;

    I would appreciate a quick response as I am being tested today over this.

    Sue B.

    dazed and confused

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    > Which of the following are legal AND safe?
    - it compiles
    - and you're consistent about whether you're using a circle or a rectangle

    > Which are legal though maybe unsafe?
    - it compiles
    - but you are inconsistent about whether its a circle or a rectangle.

    > Which are illegal ?
    - it does not compile.
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