Thread: standard for comparing

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    standard for comparing

    what is the standard to compare string and ignore case, one book said strcmpi but my linux has strcasecmp, what if any is the standard?

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    It's trivial to do it yourself:
    /* Change case to lower (strlwr) */
    char *lower(char *s)
        char *p = s;
        while (*p != '\0') {
            *p = tolower(*p);
        return s;
    int compare(char *s1, char *s2)
        return strcmp(lower(s1), lower(s2));
    Of course, when working with string literals it isn't quite so easy. Close though.
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    @Prelude: I was going to comment on how inefficient your version is, but then I realised you'd left it as an exercise for the OP.

    @chrismiceli: If you know your compilers, you could also try to #define your way out of the problem. But, I'd still recommend the creation of your own function.
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