Thread: Macintosh Directory Structures

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    Macintosh Directory Structures

    Hi. I'm trying to write a program which loads a file from within the directory structure of a macintosh. Because they use colons instead of backslash, I thought that this code would work:

    #include <stdio.h>
    FILE *infile;
    infile = fopen("The Cube:Users:davidparker:Desktop:Bills

    But it doesn't. It reads the entire thing as the name of the file, and assumes it's in the root directory. I.e. it does not read the colon in the string as a directory flag - merely as part of the name.

    I tried something like 12 different possibilities, but nothing seemed to work.

    If anybody knows either how I can solve this, or where I should be looking, I would be v grateful.


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    Please check out the portability of fopen function.

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    It's defined in ANSI-C. I know that the fopen function works with same-directory files, eg

    infile = fopen(test.txt);

    it's just the directory structure I'm having trouble

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    You don't use fopen on a Mac-- you us the FSOpen()-- you gotta use the Mac API. It's not even worth programming a Mac unless you use the API.

    Mac files have 2 forks-- it's a much superior file system. You want to open the Data fork.
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    MacOS uses COLONS as dir-seperations ? OH MY GOD ... .

    For an operating system is basicly written out of BSD (UNIX!!),
    it is a strange thing that MacOS uses colons ... .
    But I am not a friend of commercial Operating Systems at all

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