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    drawing a Circle

    Oi !!

    Is it possible to draw circles in C language ?,...
    (not using graphics library)..

    I have pretty much an idea of asking a user the Coordinates (x,y)of the "Center of the Circle,".. and then asking the "Radius"...

    I find it difficult to figure out the step by step procedures and algorithms in solving this out !

    Any Comments or Suggestions ?

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    It involves trig.

    You can't draw a circle without a graphics library. You could display ascii characters, but that would be pretty dumb for a circle.
          /* display code */

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          /* display code */

    This allows you to place the circle at any x,y.

    If you don't like using radians throughout the code then use euler angles and convert those to radians in your calls to cos() and sin() - angle *PI/180

    #define DEGREES_TO_RADIANS(x) ((double)x*PI/180.0)

    Circles can be drawn faster by mirroring the pixels since all circles are symmetric. Theoretically you only need to draw one 90 degree arc and the rest can be calcuated easily on the fly. This
    means that the code only needs to go from 0 to 90 degrees which is faster than 0 to 360 or 0 to 2*pi (6.????).

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    You can use Bresenham's circle drawing algorithm if you'd like.

    Also you don't need to do the 90 degree arc, you can do a 45 degree arc and mirror that for the 8 octants.
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