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    strcat program

    i read C Programming Language chapter 2-2.8 and wrote a strcat program
    #include <stdio.h>
    void cat(char s[],char t[]);
    char s[]="Hello ";
    char t[]="World";
    void cat(char s[],char t[])
    int i,j;
    while(s[i] != '\0')
    while((s[i++]=t[j++]) != '\0');
    when i try to compile using gcc i get
    In function `main':
    11: invalid use of void expression
    Why is that invalid?
    then i replace void cat(... with int cat(... and it compiles but when i run it , it prints crap like

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    Should be int main(void)

    This means you want to print the string that cat returns, but you have cat set to return void

    >void cat(char s[],char t[])
    This should be char* vat(char[], chart[])

    Then you need to return s at the end of cat

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    thanks a lot , it works fine now

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    I'm sure that it appears to work just fine, but you still have a rather serious problem. Turn back to the last paragraph on the previous page (47) which says in part: "strcat assumes that there is enough space in s to hold the combination." Is there?

    Hint: how large is the array 's' in main? How big does an array need to be to hold "Hello World" plus a '\0' terminator?


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