Thread: Help! Need to write a 'notepad' program..

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    Question Help! Need to write a 'notepad' program..

    I'm working on NFinity a indepent OS with someone else doing the ASM part, right now my task is to write a notepad-like (in a terminal) program.

    Firstly, I need to know if you can put variables in fopen(); like:

    fopen("%s.txt", "w", file_name);

    If not, I have to write my own file I/O function and I'll be needing alot of help on that.

    THX in advence,

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    fopen accepts only two parameters. Can you explain why you need %s.txt and 3 parameters. If you give more input regarding your question we can discuss on that and we can find solution.

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    There is far more to notepad than meets the eye. Unless the OS is rather well developed you might be a bit ahead of yourself. Windows has one of the most robust text rendering systems I've ever seen and it is extremely detailed and complex.

    Is this for text mode GUI or graphics? Also what API calls are you going to make to the OS? Writing a notepad from a DOS-like OS would not be a problem, but writing a notepad type app would be unless the OS was near completion as well as its API.

    Notepad also employs COM technology which I doubt that your OS supports. Although you could write your own version of COM, I highly doubt that this has been done in your case.

    More info.

    As well go to and look at the OS board.

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    I'm making it for a DOS-like OS (it might grow up to being gfx API's), and it's not useing COM.

    And I'm asking these questions becuz' I needed to know how to program the file I/O. And Salem answered my question.

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