Thread: Peculiar Problem with char variable in C Language

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    Angry Peculiar Problem with char variable in C Language

    Reading a input stream assigning 1 thru 6 character to a str1 variable

    using memmove function like this


    somtimes what happens is i get str1 value more than 6

    for example :-
    According to this


    I should get str1="abcdef" but in sometime i get str1=""abcdefgh"

    Could you please help me out of this,


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    Your str1, which I assume you allocate only 6 bytes for? will indeed have "abcdef" -- the problem is, when you use functions that expect strings, you don't have the required null terminator to tell the function where the string ends. You need to make str1 one byte larger than the max val, and make the last char 0.

    So, do this:

    char str1[7];
    char * buffer = "abcdefgh"
    str1[6] = '\0';

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