I've seen a lot of questions relating to getting into graphics modes from a console window.

Granted you cannot execute interrupts in protected mode - or at least not without the OS allowing you to do so. But could it be possible to make a call to the interrupt handler instead of executing an interrupt? I realize that the OS is in PM but the IVT is still in the same place. The IDT simply remaps the descriptors to point to the IVT if I understand the IDT correctly.

As for getting a pointer to video memory this should be as simple as segment*16+offset for the linear address.
As well this could be used to create a function pointer to fake an int 10h.

For most games and such only a couple of interrupts are ever needed - mainly to get into said mode or for sound.

Another question. Is DPMS running in the background in console mode programs and is it running in cmd within XP? If so, is it possible to use this DPMS. Yes I know that XP is not DOS but the emulator (limited as it is) must either have a skeleton DPMS in the background or it communicates directly with the OS in a special way to execute older code.