Thread: A good documentation tip ?

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    Talking A good documentation tip ?


    I am looking for a good tutorial / documentation about Multi-Threading, Gtk+, Alsa/OSS-Lite/Jack and the Mesa GL-libs !
    If anybody could help me ?

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    I'm sure google can ...
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    Of Course I can google some tuts/docs, but maybe you've got interesting URLs I don't know about yet, or did you ever followed EVERY link of a search relsult (If this result offers 13 pages AT GOOGLE )

    However; maybe you know some good things about OpenGL / mesa libs , I did not find anything for this stuff
    ( I want to programm a short programm for Linux, so Mesa OpenGL libs and XFree86 depending ...)

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    I'm not quite sure if this is what you are looking for, but the first one can be -really- amusing and the second one is also very helpfull.

    How to write Unmaintainable Code:

    Best practicies for Programming in C:

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