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    Smile function list

    Been a while since ive been on these boards, i kinda quit C and learnt asm, which is ALOT easier

    What i want is a function list for C, with like "moo(int a)" '<posh_writing> returns the squareroot of a squared</posh_writing>

    Does anyone know where i could obtain one?

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    "asm" ???
    Is it relevant with the American Society for Microbiology?

    Anyway, i haven't understood what you are asking.
    ( Trying to be a good C Programmer )

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    I have

    You have three mail options:
    1.) get Borland's Turbo C/C++ compiler, and look in it's Help Index.

    2.) download the MSDN, it contains all the C/C++ functions and all of the Win32 API, MFC ones as well.

    3.) or just Google it
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    or any good C book.

    Or, yeah, google it
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    Were you looking for something like this?
    It returns the squareroot of x.
    It's included in math.h

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