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    programs to make

    i recently finished my first book on c and need some ideas of programs i could write to help solidify my understanding of the language....

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    an operating system
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    Well you could try answering some questions here!

    Being able to explain something to someone else tests your own understanding.

    Or try and solve the problems which get posted here, as an exercise for your own interest. But I would advise against sending complete code to the asker of the question (they'll never leave you alone if they think you're a soft touch).

    Download some simple shareware packages, see what they do, and see if you can do better.

    Use the findfirst/findnext functions to recursively extract all the file information on a disk (names, sizes, dates etc)
    - A histogram of file sizes (number of files vs. file size)
    - A histogram of file ages (number of files vs. file age)
    - A pie chart showing which directory heirarchies contain the most files (by size and by number of files)

    When you get better, volunteer here -
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