Thread: Call a program & still capture cmds

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    Question Call a program & still capture cmds

    I have a program which runs steps, calls another program, and runs more steps if the program call was successful. The program I call is (and needs to remain) interactive, so I used system(). The child program allows the user to abort the process at any time by hitting <esc> <esc> 1. Unfortunately, the program exits with a 0 (OK) status when this is happens.

    Is there a way to capture the abort sequence within the parent program?

    Not the actual code...but this should give the basic idea.

    while(scanf(file_in, "%s", buffer))
    printf("file_out, "%s\n", buffer);


    while(scanf(new_file, "%s", buffer)
    printf(report, "%s\n", buffer);

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    Unix (Dec-alpha) with the cc compiler.

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    It would be better to just use one program and spawn a child, rather than calling system. 'system' just returns the value of that call itself, not the return value of whatever program/call you make.

    On a side note, according to the man pages, system ignores interrupts.

    A spawned child process would be a better idea. Of course, if that isn't an option, you may end up having to actually be calling a shell script instead of an executable, and then have it do something based on the retrun value of whatever program you're running.

    I don't think you'll have much luck with just system on its own. However, I'm far from a Unix guru, so there may be a way around it.

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    Thanks...I'll check into spawning...

    (I don't have Xterm...I am stuck in a single window world)

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