Thread: array and user input

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    array and user input

    what i am trying to do here is ask user for an ip address to ping then an ending ip address. so if they want to test a c class all they have to do is run the program and type in starting ip then ending ip.

    Next step will be saving result to a file. But that will come later.

    Can someone tell me how to get this working. Arrays are kicking my you know what. I must have read 10 tutorials on arrays. I get the basics, but after that I am lost.

    it compiles with some errors. it does ask for starting and ending ip address. put it will not ping. i remember to use the strcat for the ping. i wrote a program to ping just one ip and it works great. thanks for the help with that one.


    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>

    void main()


    char startip[20];
    char endip[20];
    char pingtest[100] = "ping ";
    int i;

    printf("starting ip: ");
    scanf("%s", &startip);

    printf("ending ip: ");
    scanf("%s", &endip);

    for (i = &startip; i <= &endip; i++)


    return 0;



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    Discussion of hacking or other illegal activities is not allowed on these boards, and it looks like you're trying to make a port scanner. (It would be smarter to download one anyway)

    Anyway, incase you have a legit. reason for this, I would suggest using STL strings instead of char arrays.

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    I don't think that it is a discussion of hacking, it's just a problem on how to get a string ( what's your reall question, enlinux? ).

    >I must have read 10 tutorials on arrays
    It's a bit hard for me to believe ( >scanf("%s", &startip); )

    >for (i = &startip; i <= &endip; i++)
    ???What's that??????

    Also, what do you mean by saying "ping"?

    -> Give a better question, on something you already know (that means study better arrays, strings and blah blah.. and then ask ).
    ( Trying to be a good C Programmer )

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