Thread: howto make a static library?

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    howto make a static library?

    how do you create a static library, like the standard ones?

    if i have test.c i start with :
    • gcc -c test.c
      ar -cr test.a test.o
      ranlib test.a

    where do i go from there?

    i cant find a stdio.a anywhere, how are the standard ones made?

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    can i combine libraries together?

    right now if i have test1.c and test2.c i run
    gcc -c test1.c
    ar -cr libtest1.a test1.o
    ranlib libtest1.a
    gcc -c test2.c
    ar -cr libtest2.a test2.o
    ranlib libtest2.a
    ld -r -o test.o test1.o test2.o
    ar -cr libtest.a test.o
    ranlib libtest.a
    can i cut out the object files and go right to combining and indexing? how?

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    I don't know enough about this to actually help you but its in this book somewhere, I remember skimming over it and noticing a good portion on it.

    Advanced Linux Programming

    Sorry if I can't be of more help.

    And I would like to thank Salem for showing me the link, it has proven useful time and time again.

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