Thread: someone plz re-structure my head

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    someone plz re-structure my head

    I am confused about how to input from the keyboard into a struct
    struct people{
    char name[20];
    int age;
    char sex[10];

    void input_data(struct people *in_str);

    int main()
    {................some code..................}

    void input_data(struct people *in_str)

    printf("Enter name >");
    gets ( //whats the difference between this
    gets(in_str->name)..........// and this i know this
    //is a pointer

    //but now i've come across this on
    printf(" enter name >");
    fseek(stdin, OL, SEEK_SET); //is stdin necessary here
    fgets(, 20, stdin);//and here

    It's gettin a bit confusing and i'm startin to go bald
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    . when accessing the structure directly
    -> when accessing it via a pointer.

    struct mystruct { int x; };
    struct mystruct thisOne;
    struct mystruct *ptrOne;

    ptrOne = thisOne;

    thisOne.x = 10;
    ptrOne->x = 10;


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    "stdin" stands for "standard input" which is typically coming from the users keyboard. So yes, it is neccessary in using say "fgets()" because fgets() needs to know where to read from.

    Now I've never heard of using fseek() on stdin, but then again, I am still a newbie! But I can say you can probably omit THAT line of code.
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