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    >>why was another thingy created just so you dont have to have a '.h' at the end of your includes?

    Because if your building a 1000 line file, why would you want that much more to type. lol, count the number of times you typed ".h" since the first time you started programming and think about how much time you would save not having to type them. 1 is miniscule (spelling???) but 100,000 is a lot. That goes the same thing for "typedef" which isn't needed anymore in C++.
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    Lightbulb prime

    another question: i've written a prg to detect prime number. well, using VC, the largest number i can detect is a 11digit one. using C, well, it's only a 10 digit number. i want to detect at least a 17 digit number(17 is my fav number )

    how i gonna declare my variable in C for this? and in the printf what i gonna use?

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    You can't have a number with 17 digits since the longest number you can get is pow( 2, 31 ) - 1 ( = 2147483647 = 10 digits )
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