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    learning to code

    Hi, I have been learning C for a few months now. When I read code, I understand what it does most of the time. However, when I am on my own, and I need to design a program, I struggle with using what I know in C to do what I want the program to do. Basically, I need help learning how to program, not just the syntax of a language because I'm quickly learning it's not enough to just know a language, you have to know how to use it. I was wondering if anyone knew of any books on things like this, or any suggestions that would help me learn how to use C to do what I want it to. Thanks

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    I want that book to.
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    It'll be great to have a book that teach you how to program...

    The way I learn to program (might not be the best, but I works for me) is to break a program into managable smaller pieces and work from there. Trial and error is the best way to learn, but it'll take you a long time to work it out.

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