Thread: vsprintf overrun -> _vscprintf?

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    vsprintf overrun -> _vscprintf?


    I'm using vsprintf, but I'm having trouble with large strings. This is because I use a static buffer size and when the string i want to create is larger than this, vsprintf overruns the buffer.
    So I searched and found _vscprintf. This returns the length of the buffer needed. But it doesn't seem te be in the runtime libraries on my computer as it isn't defined in the header files.
    Is there a way to use this function anyway?


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    If you found that function, find out what library its in and add that library to your collection.
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    I also found vsnprintf, but that isn't what I want, because then I can't get the rest of the string. But it will get rid of the overrun...
    And where could I search for the library?

    Thanks for your help...

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    Nice, but...
    I'm using vc++ and it only has _vsnprintf which doesn't follow that specification and just returns -1 when it would overrun the buffer. So that won't work either

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    1) - Make the buffer bigger
    2) - At runtime, determine the required buffer size, and malloc() up yourself some memory dynamically. Even if you're not sure of the exact length, you should be able to get an optimised best guess.
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